About Us

The inspiration for DIY Instruments came from our other music kits site, DIY Guitars. That site features guitar kits ranging from entry-level Fender styles, right up to hollow-body models with gorgeous maple tops. As much as we love guitars, we were curious if other instrument kits existed and so after much searching, DIY Instruments was born. 

Building your own musical instrument is immensely satisfying. Although many of the kits we provide are cheaper than their equivalent pre-made versions, this isn't really about saving money. The idea is to enjoy the process, perhaps with another family member or a friend and unleash your creativity by designing a unique finish. Whether you want Paisleys on your cajon or flames on your ukulele, you're in control. With time, patience and our guidance, you'll be able to boast that you built it yourself.

DIY Instruments is owned and operated by RickSure, an Australian company established in 1995. 

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