Build your own cajón!

Whether you're looking to get into percussion for the first time or if you're a seasoned professional, we have the perfect cajón kit for you.

Professional Musicians - the CaSela kit by renown German cajón manufacturer Sela, is regarded as one of the best money can buy. You'll be amazed at the distinct separation achieved between bass, mid-tone and the slap.

Drum Enthusiasts - it's no longer a hassle to pack up your kit for a jam with your mates. Just drag along your cajón and you'll never again be accused of drowning out the rest of the band. The standard cajón kit by Sela is anything but standard quality.

Parents - is your offspring hassling you for a drum kit? Start them strong (and save half the price of a full kit) with a cajón. It might just look like a box that you bash, but there is so much more to playing the cajón. A full drum range of tones is possible with minimal learning. This is a great educational experience and with the standard kit, they can even paint their own design! A wonderful introduction to music without upsetting the neighbours. Note that a full size and medium size version is available.

Sela DIY Cajon Kits